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Welcome to Pentagon Consultants

Pentagon consultants is an Engineering (Civil and Structural) and Design Consultants firm delivering extensive design solutions for various industrial, residential, infrastructural projects. Apart from domestic projects, our designs are approved and executed in overseas countries like Africa, Iraq and Iran. We ensure quality, quick response, customer satisfaction, after sales service and optimization irrespective of project size. We believe in taking up challenging projects and provide sound designs solution along with supporting calculation reports and drawings presenting complete detailing which comply with all local as well as international codal provisions, cost effectiveness and maintain the schedule for deliverables.

Ongoing Projects

Our Services

  • Master Planning

    We understand the need of the clients and focus our attention on planning a facility keeping in mind the statutory approvals from the local authority. The blend of clients need and our expertise in the field leads toward developing a modelled facility.

  • Estimation and Costing

    A project lives and dies by its budget. Cost estimation in project management is the process of forecasting the financial and other resources needed to complete a project within a defined scope. We provide block estimates based on the master layout and also work out detailed estimates to help our clients keep their budgets in check.

  • Procurement Assistance

    We believe a project is only as good as its team and hence we extend our full assistance to clients in finalizing the vendors for various disciplines of the project. Our suggestion and inputs are based on the project value, type of works and manpower needed to complete the project within stipulated time frame.

  • Structural Design

    With a cumulative experience of more than 15 years, our team is capable of providing design solutions that are safe and durable. The team strictly adheres to the guidelines of various national and international codes and has the experience to deliver the drawings within stipulated time frame.

  • Pier Review/Third party Consultants

    Based on the experience we carry and the urge to comply with the codal provisions at all cost, the team of engineers is capable of getting their design approved from the very best in the industry. We also take up works such as proof checking of structural design or review of design to keep the budget in check based on the clients need.

  • Site Supervision and Bill Checking

    Successful execution of project demands time to time supervision from the engineering teams and also provide assistance to keep a check on real time costs. The engineering team carries all the experience needed to keep track of project schedules and checking of bills at various stages of the project.

Our Clients

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